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How much suffering can one person endure? Will it break them or make them stronger?

Sixteen-year-old Emilie Lefroy is about to find out as she searches for her identity and sense of self amid the bloody 16th century French Wars of Religion that kills her closest family and friends.

Emilie is a captivating historical adventure of self-discovery that will keep you spellbound to the end.


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My main characters are complex creatures. I love my protagonists to be strong women—vulnerable, flawed, and sensitive to the world around them, with a keen sense of social justice. Historical fiction is a genre that provides me with a wonderful backdrop to test their spirit.

No matter how carefully I plan each scene, once I start writing, my characters take over and transport me on an unknown journey—their journey of self-discovery. And once the magic starts, my pen struggles to keep up as I’m pulled deeper and deeper into their world. I become immersed in their pain, their fears, their joys, and their triumphs.

Please join me on their adventures. You’ll be surprised at how their challenges mirror your own. The past can become a conduit to understanding who we are in this modern world.

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It was an absolute honour to copy edit Emilie. Not only was I one of the first to read this captivating and very memorable story, but I also felt like I truly connected with the characters and their personal stories.

I was taken on a historical journey through a time I was not otherwise familiar with. This novel kept me guessing, kept me turning the pages, and will stay with me for a long time to come. In fact, I found myself missing Emilie shortly after the editing process was complete.

Julie Guthrie

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Ingrid Ramsdale

Ingrid Ramsdale was born in Sydney, Australia but spent her early childhood years in Papua New Guinea. Living in the remote countryside in the 1960s without television, Ingrid had books, imaginary friends, and make-believe play as her entertainment. Her parents instilled a love of reading into her and her siblings from a young age.

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