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How much suffering can one person endure? Will it break them or make them stronger?

Sixteen-year-old Emilie Lefroy is about to find out as she searches for her identity and sense of self amid the bloody 16th century French Wars of Religion that kills her closest family and friends.

emilie book by ingrid ramsdaleEmilie laments being born a female of noble birth. Headstrong and intelligent, she challenges societal and family inequalities. ‘Why should I pray to a god that has given me a brain, but then gives me parents that will not let me use it just because I am a daughter and not a son?’

Emilie’s desire is to become a healer, and no one is going to stand in her way. Not her devout Huguenot parents; her malicious brother, Pierre; or the scheming Marcus Daval, her betrothed.

Emilie’s plans to run away from home and change her identity are disrupted by the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre. As she escapes from one of the heavily guarded gates of Paris, Emilie must decide whether to save herself and flee France forever, or stay and use her newly acquired medical skills to help other Huguenots survive a copycat massacre in Rouen.

Emilie is a captivating adventure of self-discovery that is brimming with raw emotions and heartbreak.

Can Emilie find herself and true love in a world of hate and violence? This historical romance and adventure novel set in the French Renaissance will keep you spellbound to the end.

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Emilie was a mesmerising novel that transported me to the 16th century French Renaissance.

Ingrid Ramsdale’s talent as a writer captivated my imagination and had me vividly seeing, feeling and empathising with the characters as if I were amongst the hostility and conflict myself. A must-read novel for all historical fiction enthusiasts.

Melissa Bell

Ingrid Ramsdale

Ingrid Ramsdale was born in Sydney, Australia but spent her early childhood years in Papua New Guinea. Living in the remote countryside in the 1960s without television, Ingrid had books, imaginary friends, and make-believe play as her entertainment. Her parents instilled a love of reading into her and her siblings from a young age.

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